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Goodell DeVries Wins Pro Bono Victory before Board of Immigration Appeals

By: GDLD | 12.26.19 | Case Results Featured Pro Bono

We are delighted to share good news, which comes just in time for the holiday season! Craig Brodsky and Derek Stikeleather won a recent pro bono victory before the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) on behalf of a Cuban immigrant seeking asylum in the United States. The client had initially engaged an attorney for representation before an immigration judge, but the attorney provided virtually no evidence to support asylum, and the client was ordered to be deported to Cuba.

The Goodell DeVries team built a case for ineffective assistance of counsel, investigating and documenting the problems at trial and preparing supporting affidavits on a tight schedule. Partner Craig Brodsky, who regularly counsels attorneys facing Bar discipline, assisted with the ineffective assistance of counsel claim. The team briefed the matter to the BIA, which vacated the deportation order and remanded the case for a new asylum hearing.

Congratulations to our client and our team on this victory!