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Employment Litigation

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Prevent When Possible and Defend When Necessary

Careful hiring and management are fundamental to your company’s ability to avoid employment litigation, but sometimes these precautions are not enough. Using experienced litigators to implement strategies to prevent litigation is ideal; having experienced litigators to defend against litigation is essential. Our employment law attorneys serve in both capacities to protect your business.

Employment Litigation Does Not Discriminate

We handle employment litigation in a wide variety of areas in nearly every industry. Companies of all sizes, like yours, have trusted our employment litigation attorneys to represent them:

  • Manufacturers
  • Service providers
  • Healthcare entities
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Local governments
  • Hospitality organizations
  • Civic and community organizations

Get the Best Defense and Offense

Our employment attorneys handle every type of dispute and are qualified to defend your organization against any employment attack. This expertise helps you prevent incidents, as well. We support clients with:

  • Drafting employment policies and manuals
  • Creating employment contracts
  • Advising on compliance with regulatory and statutory requirements
  • Defending and prosecuting non-competition and non-solicitation agreements
  • Litigating tortious interference
  • Addressing wage and hour disputes
  • Defending discrimination claims
  • Defending credentialing disputes
  • Handling fraud claims

Professional Recognition

Organizations like yours rely on us to handle employment litigation  when it arises and help prevent employment litigation by drafting contracts, creating policies, mediating disputes, and providing training with potential litigation in mind. Our clients’ requests for standing relationships on employment matters reflect the value our litigation expertise provides.

Employment Litigation

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Employment Litigators

Who Prevent and Defend

Trust in employment litigation attorneys providing insights on best practices and defending against employment disputes whenever they arise.

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