Med Mal Team Prevails in 13-Day Jury Trial

By: GDLD | 1.1.13 | Case Results

For the fifth time in a year, Craig B. Merkle and Adam Kelley have obtained a defense verdict in a medical malpractice jury trial. In the case of Carannante v. Dr. Z, the plaintiffs alleged that a 42-year-old patient undergoing an upper endoscopy and a colonoscopy died as a result of a respiratory arrest sustained during the procedures.  Plaintiffs alleged that in addition to inadequate monitoring of vital signs, there was a colon perforation and consequent abdominal compartment syndrome. Goodell DeVries’ attorneys represented the gastroenterology defendant and established that the patient’s colon was not perforated, and that the patient died as a result of  complications unrelated to the performance of the colonoscopy. They also successfully presented evidence that the gastroenterologist did not have a duty to monitor the patient’s vital signs where there was a board-certified anesthesiologist in attendance to manage the sedation.  After 13 days of evidence, which included testimony from specialists in gastroenterology, colorectal surgery, radiology, anesthesiology, and critical care medicine, a jury in the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County returned a verdict in favor of our client.