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Goodell DeVries Launches Risk Management, Investigations, and Compliance Practice

By: GDLD | 3.4.24 | Featured News

Goodell DeVries has launched its Risk Management, Investigations, and Compliance Practice Group. The group, comprised of former prosecutors, an Assistant Attorney General, and a Director of Risk Management, counsels organizations in civil, criminal, regulatory, and crisis scenarios — from risk assessment, management, and mitigation to internal investigation and representation in administrative proceedings, trials, and appeals. The team also provides guidance on regulatory compliance to reduce the likelihood of government investigations and, wherever possible, assist in shaping the regulatory framework.

Practice Chair Jared Green is a former prosecutor and an experienced investigator and courtroom attorney. He represents organizations in a range of matters, including those related to serious injury, death, workplace violence, allegations of harassment, sexual and physical assault, and claims of excessive use of force by security personnel. In these cases, Jared conducts internal investigations, provides support during government/law enforcement investigations, and represents clients in parallel civil, criminal, and licensing proceedings.

He is joined by partners Craig Brodsky, who handles licensing and regulatory investigations and responds to inquiries from government agencies, licensing bodies, and regulators; John Grimm, a former Assistant Attorney General, who focuses on regulatory compliance, administrative law, and administrative appeals; Peggy Chu, a former Director of Risk Management, who performs proactive risk analyses, root cause analyses (RCA), and apparent cause analyses (ACA), and provides assistance with regulatory compliance and licensing matters; and Jessica Ayd, who investigates matters and complaints before licensing boards, defends clients in proceedings before the Office of Administrative Hearings, and handles investigations related to serious injury and death. Associates David Shea, also a former prosecutor, and Joseph Kavanagh contribute additional investigatory and litigation experience to the team.

 If your organization would like help in identifying potential risks, or assistance in navigating an existing criminal, civil, or regulatory issue, contact Jared Green at jgreen@gdldlaw.com.