Goodell DeVries Trial Attorneys Win Defense Verdict For Client Facing Product Liability Claims

By: GDLD | 12.26.16 | Case Results

On Friday, December 16, 2016, GDLD Partner Craig Brodsky obtained a complete defense verdict for their client, a product manufacturer, in a case tried in the Circuit Court for Montgomery County, Maryland.  In her product liability claim against the manufacturer, the plaintiff alleged that she sustained a chemical burn from the application of a professional use only hair dye product.  The hair salon and the licensed cosmetologist who applied the product also were named as defendants in the case.  Prior to trial, the team obtained summary judgment in favor of GDLD’s client on the plaintiff’s manufacturing and design defect claims.  After a five-day trial, the jury rendered a verdict in favor of GDLD’s client on the remaining negligent warnings claim.  To reach its verdict, the jury determined that the hair dye product was safe when applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and warnings.  The jury further found that application of the product to the plaintiff’s hair did not cause the claimed injury.