Goodell DeVries Prevails in Daubert/Rule 5-702 Motion for Hospital Client

By: GDLD | 8.7.23 | Case Results

Shannon Madden 2020Goodell DeVries won a momentous ruling on behalf of a hospital client with a Daubert/Rule 5-702 motion that sought to preclude the plaintiff’s expert testimony on causation. After a two-day evidentiary Daubert hearing, Shannon Madden dismantled the testimony of two professional expert witnesses in a birth injury case. The Circuit Court for Baltimore City granted the hospital's motion, precluding the plaintiff's experts' causation opinions for failing to meet the requirements of Rule 5-702. Without that testimony, the plaintiff's case could not proceed to trial, and the hospital was granted summary judgment. In the plaintiff's motion seeking reconsideration, opposing counsel called this ruling a "seismic shift" in birth injury litigation.

Shannon is a partner with Goodell DeVries and practices primarily in the area of medical malpractice defense. She has over twenty years of experience representing numerous hospitals, physicians, and medical practice groups in both federal and state court proceedings.