Goodell DeVries Obtains Defense Jury Verdict for Surgeon

By: GDLD | 9.26.12 | Case Results

For the fourth time this year, Craig B. Merkle and Adam Kelley were successful in obtaining a defense  verdict in a claim alleging medical malpractice.  In the case of Hoben v. Dr. S, the plaintiff alleged he sustained a bladder perforation as a result of a urethral sling placement and a cystodilation.  The plaintiff developed multiple postoperative complications from the bladder perforation and  repair that necessitated further surgery and 40 days in the hospital.  Plaintiffs alleged negligent surgical technique, lack of informed consent and that the surgery was not indicated.  The defense countered that all conservative measures had been exhausted to treat the plaintiff’s incontinence following radical prostatectomy, that appropriate consent had been obtained, and that the bladder injury was a non-negligent and recognized complication of the procedures.  After four days of evidence, a jury in the Circuit Court for Baltimore County returned a verdict  in favor of the defense on all counts.