Goodell DeVries Attorneys Win Defense Verdict for Physician in Lawsuit Alleging Death from Esophageal Perforation

By: GDLD | 9.1.16 | Case Results

In the Circuit Court for Baltimore City, Kelly Hughes Iverson and Jared M. Green obtained a defense verdict for their client, a gastrointestinal physician. The Plaintiffs alleged that the physician negligently dilated the Decedent’s esophagus during a procedure to remove her esophageal cancer. This, according to the Plaintiffs, caused an esophageal perforation and ultimately the Decedent’s death. The defense countered that the physician appropriately performed the Decedent's procedure, esophageal perforation is a well-recognized risk of upper endoscopy and the Decedent's death, months after the procedure, was unrelated to the perforation. At the end of a two week trial, it took the jury thirty minutes to unanimously find in favor of the physician.