Nikki Nesbitt and Kaitlin Corey to Speak at Trial Network's Corporate Litigation Conference

By: GDLD | 11.3.22 | Events

One of your most important assets is your reputation. How a business responds to a negative online review or social media post can be just as impactful as the review itself. Attempts to counter or respond in kind — including by filing lawsuits — may backfire and amplify the review or subject a business to further scorn, ridicule, and bad publicity.

Goodell DeVries partners Nikki Nesbitt and Kaitlin Corey will speak to these challenges during a panel discussion titled "Battling the Keyboard Warriors – Managing Disparaging Online Reviews and Social Media Posts." The session was part of The Trial Network's program titled "Corporate Litigation: Never Face the Music Alone" (November 3-6, 2022)