Goodell DeVries Attorneys Obtain Defense Verdict in Wrongful Death Case Against Prince George’s County Orthopedic Surgeon

By: GDLD | 3.1.17 | Case Results

Goodell DeVries attorney K. Nichole Nesbitt obtained a defense verdict in the Circuit Court for Prince George’s County for her clients, an orthopedic surgeon and her practice group in Prince George’s County.  The plaintiff was the family of a 39 year old patient who died several weeks after orthopedic surgery, allegedly from a blood clot that formed after the surgery and traveled to the patient’s pulmonary system. The plaintiff alleged that the surgeon should have given the patient anticoagulation drugs following surgery to prevent problematic blood clots from forming, arguing that the patient had several risk factors for forming clots. The defense argued that anticoagulation drugs were not indicated for this patient and carried their own risks. After a six-day trial, the jury unanimously decided that the orthopedic surgeon acted appropriately and entered a verdict in favor of the defendants.