Craig Brodsky to Present on Top Ethical Issues in Medical-Legal Environment

By: Craig S. Brodsky | 10.26.22 | Events

Goodell DeVries partner Craig Brodsky will deliver a Continuing Education course, "Top Ethical Issues in Today’s Medical-Legal Environment" to mental health professionals at The Ross Center on October 28, 2022.

This course highlights current ethical and legal issues for mental health care providers. In this intermediate-level, interactive lecture session, we review current case studies and examples of legal and ethical issues facing mental health care providers. We discuss issues that have arisen since the pandemic, including new areas of ethical concerns that have developed in the age of telemedicine, social media, and COVID. After this training, participants will be better able to spot ethical and legal concerns early and apply a systematic, patient-centered approach to address these concerns. Participants will also have strategies for improving supervision and peer consultation to improve patient care.

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