Goodell DeVries Wins Summary Judgment for New Jersey Lawyer and Firm in Legal Malpractice Case

By: GDLD | 7.2.20 | Case Results

Jeff Hines and Peggy Chu, partners at Goodell DeVries, obtained summary judgment for a New Jersey lawyer and his law firm in a legal malpractice matter. 

The matter arose from a 2009 settlement agreement that the lawyers prepared gratis for two sophisticated, multi-millionaire partners who had longstanding business dealings. After the relationship soured, one partner sued the other seeking to collect on a number of promissory notes and gratuitously sued the lawyers as well, claiming they failed to advise him that the settlement agreement had released the promissory notes.

Discovery revealed that the claim was time-barred. After hearing argument on both sides, the Circuit Court for Baltimore County agreed that the malpractice claim was barred by the statute of limitations and issued an opinion from the bench entering summary judgment in favor of the lawyers.