Goodell DeVries Attorneys Obtains Summary Judgment for Lift Truck Manufacturer

By: GDLD | 7.1.17 | Case Results

In Garrett v. Crown Equipment Corporation, Thomas J. Cullen, Jr. and Alexander L. Stimacof Goodell DeVries obtained summary judgment in favor of Crown, a leading manufacturer of material handling equipment, in the United States District Court for the District of Connecticut.  Plaintiff sustained a crushed right leg while operating an end-controlled pallet truck and alleged two separate design defects involving different mechanical operations of the truck.  Crown moved for summary judgment, arguing that Plaintiff’s expert mechanical engineer did not provide a reliable basis for either design defect and that the facts did not support a conclusion that either of the alleged defective conditions played any causal role in the accident.  After a hearing, the Honorable Judge Jeffrey Meyer granted Crown’s Motion for Summary Judgment, holding that there was no evidence that either of the alleged defects could have caused Plaintiff’s injury.